How to create a real estate marketing plan

marketing real estate plan

1. Create a budget

What will you spend every month on marketing? This budget will dictate what types of marketing you will see.

2. Create a ‘time’ budget

Marketing can take time and effort.

3. Pick at least 5 strategies from the list below

Farming an area

You simply drive a series of small neighbourhoods in your target area and look for homes that show signs of distress.

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are signs posted in busy intersections.


Flyers are business size cards with the same message as a bandit sign that you place on the windshield of cars.

Door Handle Signs

This is a sign that you hang on people’s doors with your message and a call to action.

Post Cards

Post cards allow you to display your message in a manner that the homeowner will see without having open an envelope.

Hand Written Letters

This strategy also performs the best open and has the highest conversation rate. This is because they look more unique and less like junk or spam mail.


This strategy is effective and inexpensive. You can develop referrals from several sources: Realtors, mortgage brokers, title agents, contractors, or even people who work in hardware stores.

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