10 Reasons to Choose Strategy Consulting over Financial Advisory Consulting


Strategy consulting concentrates more on facts, reality and analytical thinking, much more than vision or thoughts. Facts are important because they help in an efficient decision making. Dreams without facts make decision making harder and may lead to making irrational decisions. Strategy consulting is done at the highest level in a company; typically these are the board members and the CEO. These are the ones making the choices. On the other hand, financial advisory consulting is.

Below are ten reasons which will make you prefer strategic consulting to business advisory consulting

  1. Strategy consulting gives you the chance to work for a multi-national corporation’s CEO.

Strategy consulting deals directly with the company’s CEO, and you collaborate with the firm’s toughe and widest issues. As financial advisor consultant, you are most likely to work for the company’s CFO.

  1. Strategy consulting exposes you to various ranges of business problems in different industries.

Strategy consulting is marketable across some companies. In contrast, financial advisory consultants tend to focus on one industry.

  1. Strategy consulting underscores intellectual curiosity over expertise.

As a good student, your deep interest will be exploited, and your hunger for new challenges will be met as you will always be involved in new things. As a financial advisor, your goal is to be as much more of an expatriate as you specialize in one area.

  1. Strategy consulting companies offer training that is modeled after top global business schools

In financial advisory consultant training, you are learning to become a CFO. While as n strategy consulting, you are in a CEO training

  1. Strategy consulting offers unparalleled exit opportunities.

In strategy consulting, exposes you to multiple different firms and inside each industry. This prepares you for a broader range of work in strategic operations. While financial strategy consulting exposes you to one firm and once you are in that firm your career can stall

  1. Strategy Consulting makes you work in a team with the brightest minds around which can boost your personal network.
  2. Strategy consulting is considered a fast development course to get to high levels or to create your own business.
  3. Strategy Consulting trains you to handle much pressure and structures your thoughts rationally against time.
  4. It prepares you to deal with various facts and uncertainty which is fashionable in high profile organizations such as Microsoft
  5. It exposures you rapidly to a large variety of choices, across many businesses

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The Role of Corporate Advisory in Shaping Business World in 2016

corporate advisory

Corporate Advisory in business is the process of offering business advices to organizations such as companies, and other businesses on functions like Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Financial management, mergers and acquisitions and business restructuring to help the business achieve its objectives more efficiently and in the most effective way.

Strategic Financial Management involves planning for the long term financial business prospects which may include how to achieve long term plans in the business objectively such as production plans, personnel plans and the marketing and sales plans.

Corporate Advisory is playing the following roles in shaping the business world for 2016;

  1. It is enabling the business shareholders to have an independent way of discussing and solving significant issues in businesses- this is possible because through the established advisory corporate boards, the business owners are able to question and be answered on how they can eliminate the problems hindering the business from achieving its goals for example elimination of vague and unachievable goals and concentrating only on achievable ones.
  2. It is creating the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility to the business management- it is expounding to the management on why they need to be socially responsible to the societal needs and the importance of creating a positive business image.
  3. It is encouraging exploration of more business ideas through intensive research- Corporate advisory boards are advising business people on various ways through which they can improve the business performance, this is making them develop interests on learning more on how to achieve this more effectively and in an efficient manner which is leading to better ideas through research.
  4. It is providing an easy forum for monitoring the business performance- the business shareholders are now using the established advisory Corporate Boards to monitor the performances of business executives and directors to reduce conflicting interests among the shareholders and the business directors.
  5. It is making directors more responsible and avoid misusing business resources in an unprofitable projects as they are now aware they are being monitored. This is because the shareholders now rely on the corporate advisory groups who act as watchdogs on the directors’ undertakings in the business.
  6. It is providing an easy way of analyzing and implementing strategic management- this is because the organizations are only concentrating on the viable long term financial goals which are within the business objectives and are avoiding working on the less important goals.

In conclusion, based on the above points, businesses will have to rely hugely on Corporate Advisory if they have to succeed in 2016 and the years to come.

Housing Predictions for the Year 2016

pascoeHousingPricesThe housing market in definition is referring to the supply and demand for houses in a particular place. It is important, especially in shaping the economic sociability of the people within the area. It has a role in the process of metropolitan development. On marketing housing there are certain things that are highly important such as marketing predictions. These predictions would let the global stock market to know the future of the market for years succeeding.

Stated below are some of the Housing Market Predictions for the year 2016:

• U.S. city home prices will slowly rise than about the year 2015. Under some circumstances, it is predicted that in the year 2016, home buyers tend to increase, and thus higher demand follows. Upon meeting the demand, market prices, then rapidly rise.

• CoreLogic predicts an increasing flow of money into the global stock market, at 4.7 percent of prices rise that could give 800,000 homeowners to regain positive equity by July 2016.

• According to SQM Louis Christopher that National residential housing of Melbourne, real estate prices will slow down by the year 2016 which is the result of slowing Sydney housing market, but however it is not believed that the said housing market could be the fall of prices of the said year.

• Freddie Mac one of the mortgage loan buyer, the average rate for 30 year fixed mortgage lowers down from 4% to 3.85%. It is said that from the average rate for 30 year fixed home loan could increase by 5.1% by the end of the year2016.

• Student loan debt will keep many Millenials out of the market. Based on the recent analysis of Federal Reserve this year, student loan could possibly prevent the entering of home buyers within the market. The increasing release of student loans could possibly decline the mortgage.

Remember that the high correlation between quality of housing stock, prevailing housing prices and the occupant’s income would often be resulted to declining prices in the areas of the housing market. The housing prices, quality are interdependent to each other and expectations regarding future market prices make an investor to risks upon renovating and adding of stocks, thus it makes lower qualities of houses. As an entrepreneur wherein the housing market, it is much important to know the predictions of some professional for the succeeding year in order to know what things should be considered next year. It helps to maintain the financial stability of the business. More over knowing the housing market predictions would let you know the effective things to do on the preceding year.

The Significance of the World Stock Market

Many countries worldwide have developed globally recognized stock markets. Stock Exchanges dot the major cities of these countries. New York City’s Wall Street (New York Stock Exchange) is the one destination that is synonymous with Stock Exchanges and is the world’s largest exchange. The other dominant members of the world stock market include: United Kingdom’s London Stock Exchange (LSE), Germany’s Deutsche Bourse Group, China’s Shanghai Stock exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Stock Exchanges around the world are a wonderful barometer of the predicted financial health of both that country and also the world economy.

Stock markets are an integral pillar of economic growth. They are also a reflection of the financial profiles of listed companies. The trends of stock prices and stock market indices underscore the overall state of the global economy and financial health of listed companies. It is for this reason that stock market indices rise when the global economy blossoms and plunges when the global economy plummets. This nexus between the global stock markets and economic performance is important because it helps companies, creditors and investors make important decisions. For example, the high thresholds of listing at the global stock exchange markets give investors the confidence to buy stocks of their preferred companies.


Stock exchange listing is one of the most important phases of a company’s life cycle. This is because stock exchange listing involves stringent approval procedures that screen the operational thresholds and strategic financial management of a company. Any company seeking listing must meet the established qualification criteria for conducting an initial public offering (IPO) or a rights issue of shares at any given stock exchange market. Subsequently, successful entry into the world stock market brings with it many advantages. It becomes easier for a company to access a wide range of sources of finance; including both debt and equity. A listed company can raise additional capital by selling additional shares through a rights issue. Due to the extra financial transparency rules a listed company must adhere to, it assists companies raise debt to fund their operations.


brendt Munro



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Implementing Expertise into Stock Markets

The most important way of raising money for the companies worldwide is through the stock market. These markets raise additional capital and funds for the companies that can later be used for expansion and business improvement. Investing in stocks is the present and future of business society. The entire process of stock investment is enriched with its liquidity, the possibility to sell, buy or trade stocks in an extremely quick time.

Stock Market

History is on the side of stock market futures. It has shown that the stocks’ prices are some of the most important parts of the market’s economic activity and it’s a clear indicator of the country’s current economy. The rise of the stock market automatically makes an economy to be considered strong and developed. The stock market is proven to be the primary indicator of the country’s position in the society.

The rise of the share prices means increased business investment and affected households’ wealth. This is the main reason behind the control on behalf of the central banks, to keep an eye on the stock market futures in order to achieve and preserve the country’s financial stability. The entire financial system’s work is to contribute to the increase of prosperity and advancing and to promote the production of goods, services and future employment.

Developing, considering and implementing the goals of an enterprise comes under the research of the strategic financial management. The current increase of the implementation of this study is a result of its achievements in the maximization of shareholders wealth. The entire method is done by allocating scarce resources and identifying strategies for further actions. Its scope is making decisions regarding the investments in the company’s assets and choosing the right amount of such investments that are ought to be financed.

The stock market is known to be the main driver to future economic growth. Stock market futures are now considered to be one of the most influential pieces of a country’s economy. The entire existence of a company in the future will depend on the decisions and strategies it will implement today and how these choices influence the company’s future progress. The businesses have to explore their opportunities, base their actions on their strategic financial management capabilities and make the right choices for future prosperity. Use experts with experience when investing. Research what are your best options and seek external advice.


harley Dalton



Harley Dalton has over 20 years’ experience in investments and the funds management industry. His key background and capabilities include leadership, strategy, negotiation and operational management. He has been actively involved in taking a number of businesses to publicly listed status in the Australian share market, providing capital raising, structuring, debt, equity.  Check out http://www.berkeleycapitalasia.com/corporateadvisory/ for more info.

Commercial Real Estate Investing – How to Approach the Market

Once you’re contemplating buying as well as selling professional real-estate, there are literally  a lot of various things you must be aware of to ensure that you don’t-get burnt inside an agreement. Find out more by reading this article which contains some suggestions in dealing with real estate properties.

Real estate investing cairns

For new investors and also experienced shareholders, it’s better to have an investment companion. This will help you counteract the cost of purchasing a property by utilizing cash or credit. Ultimately, the proceeds of your sales can help pay back the credits.

If one secures an underdeveloped area they’re able to sometime produce a huge amount of cash especially when another purchaser plans to acquire it for real estate development purposes.

It would be tempting to try to buy different types of real estate homes and properties if you are new on the real estate market. While it may appear to be highly recommended, this is not often the best strategy as you would do greater by perfecting one particular aspect of the real estate market rather than having numerous kinds which is only on the average.

Should license real estate personnel undertake as your broker, they should work according to your best interest exclusively for you alone.  Another type of real brokers is those that work for two different entities on a same property sale, they are called Dual or Twin Agencies.  Both parties should unveil and conclude about this.

Your offers should be fair and pithy. If you feel that a certain residential house is worth several hundred grand be firm and offer it! In case you buyer is going below your expected value, make sure you’re paid and settled a fair amount.

If buying real estate, commit, don’t simply acquire houses. Safeguard yourself from accumulation of properties as this would point you to a breakdown – invest wisely. You never want to stay below or equalize whilst it serves no advantage to you.

Make sure you have your own agent when renting a new property to serve for a new business because you’ll never want to struggle on a lot of technical stuff that would be disclose to you in the process.

Failure isn’t an option whilst it’s difficult to rule out, it should not crop up and cost your entire finances. The good thing is, you are learning the market and much eager to implement the ideas in this article. It wouldn’t be difficult for you now to win all your transaction in the future.

Real Estate investing in Cairns

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The Online Marketing Strategies of Lauchlan Leishman in Real Estate Properties

Believing The Online Marketing Strategies of Lauchlan Leishman in Real Estate Properties from Brandon Smith on Vimeo.

Whether you’re looking for your first home as a couple or a new home for your growing family there are a lot of things for you to consider.

After all, investing in a property is a smart issue of ability and financial capability.

Here at the Berkeley Capital Group Limited, headed by Lauchlan Leishman, we understand that buying or even renting one is a big step for anyone.

We know that you want to make sure that the property that you’re getting worth your time and money.

We’re here to make things easier for you.

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Why Invest In USA Property?

flagSmall investments – big returns. Ultimately, every property investor aims for such winning formula. And while it sounds like a rather simple “equation,” making it a reality isn’t always as elementary.

But you can make it happen.

The key is to choose your properties carefully, strategically. In its most basic form, consider the often-used advice: location, location, location. While this recommendation is overly used, it is still one of the most effective factors to choosing property investments that deliver the best returns. Currently, USA properties are becoming quite the lucrative choices.

Investing in a USA property could mean having less competition for prime houses or apartments, as a report from Forbes magazine indicates that major investors may be backing away from the market, giving way to smaller investors. Considering that home prices are still fairly low, you could end up with a big one-time profit or a steady cash flow over the next few years as different cities in the US show high population and job growth.

Overall, USA properties in certain cities make for low-risk investments with promising returns.

The property market in the US is also experiencing a revival of sorts as the economy grows. Investors who purchased properties a year ago in certain cities can now expect to make a killing when they put their houses back on the market. Case in point: A three-bedroom house in Atlanta, Georgia used to cost $65,000 last year, but this year that price has gone up to $80,000 to $85,000. Assuming you haven’t really spent too much refurbishing or fixing the property, you could make a pretty good profit.

Of course, making money off of your property investments in the USA doesn’t always mean it’s going to be successful, instantly. The market may be favourable to investors but this does not necessarily lead to favourable investments — without the know-how and the use of a good strategy.

According to property investment expert, Lauchlan Leishman, lucrative investments could slip away if you haven’t got the resources to manage your portfolio. You will want the experience and expertise of property investment advisors to guide you through your options, enabling you to make the best decision possible.

Should you purchase multiple houses in a single US city that is experiencing remarkable growth? Or do you spread your investments to a variety of properties in different cities? Do you sell these properties immediately or would renting them out yield better returns in the long run?

Property investment, much like every other type of investment, will have its risks. The key to minimising the negative and maximising the positive is to pick the best options and to get the corresponding advice from experts. So consider US cities, and ask a property expert where and how to go about making those profitable choices today.

4 Steps How To Choose The Best Property Agent

best real state agentReal estate agents have never been so numerous and easy to find than today. Just go online and do basic enquiry, and you’ll have at your fingertips a long list of the most eligible candidates in your area. It may be confusing or overwhelming to be presented with such a wide array of choices, so it pays to be extremely smart and systematic in your search. Remember, your choice of property agent will have a remarkable influence on the outcome of your investment.

According to trusted property investor Lauchlan Leishman, the demand for real estate agents has increased sharply in the past few years because the property market has become more complex and fickle than ever. It can be difficult for an outsider to keep track of the trends and market condition, so hiring an experienced property agent will provide you much-need clarity. The professional opinion of your real estate agent can also prevent you from making costly mistakes, and he or she can assist you during negotiation, contract signing and closing.

Given how much a real estate can do for you, it’s natural that you would want to work only with the best. Here are four essential steps to take to ensure you get a top-notch professional by your side:

Roundup your hopefuls

To make a shortlist of candidates, ask for referrals from your family, friends, co-workers and trusted contacts. Take a walk around the area and inspect the names and faces of agents on the “for sale” and “sold” signs. Browse online to look up testimonials from current and previous clients or read past articles and references.

Make sure they’re good

Make a thorough check of their licences, qualifications and recognitions, if any. In most areas, there are no industry regulations so your next best scheme is to see if they belong to a recognised association or a reputable organisation. Some investors also take a look at social media that may (or may not) give a glimpse of the agents’ expertise and commitment to their work. Make the initial contact; send an email or call them over the phone.

Meet them in person

Prepare a list of essential questions: How much do they charge and what are the terms? How will they market your property (if you’re selling) or look for leads (if you’re buying)? Ask about their recent sales. Ask them to provide you a valuation. Aside from listening well to their answers, pay attention to what’s not being said as well. Balance the facts with your gut feel.

Review your notes

If you have made a choice, evaluate your decision. If possible, spend more time with them before moving on to the contract. And once you have the contract, don’t sign it yet. Take it, study it, and scrutinise the fine print carefully. Ask your questions and address your doubts before making a commitment. Lastly, it may seem too pessimistic, but it’s only practical to make sure to know about your exit strategy should things fail to go according to plan.

How to create a real estate marketing plan

marketing real estate plan

1. Create a budget

What will you spend every month on marketing? This budget will dictate what types of marketing you will see.

2. Create a ‘time’ budget

Marketing can take time and effort.

3. Pick at least 5 strategies from the list below

Farming an area

You simply drive a series of small neighbourhoods in your target area and look for homes that show signs of distress.

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are signs posted in busy intersections.


Flyers are business size cards with the same message as a bandit sign that you place on the windshield of cars.

Door Handle Signs

This is a sign that you hang on people’s doors with your message and a call to action.

Post Cards

Post cards allow you to display your message in a manner that the homeowner will see without having open an envelope.

Hand Written Letters

This strategy also performs the best open and has the highest conversation rate. This is because they look more unique and less like junk or spam mail.


This strategy is effective and inexpensive. You can develop referrals from several sources: Realtors, mortgage brokers, title agents, contractors, or even people who work in hardware stores.

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