10 Reasons to Choose Strategy Consulting over Financial Advisory Consulting


Strategy consulting concentrates more on facts, reality and analytical thinking, much more than vision or thoughts. Facts are important because they help in an efficient decision making. Dreams without facts make decision making harder and may lead to making irrational decisions. Strategy consulting is done at the highest level in a company; typically these are the board members and the CEO. These are the ones making the choices. On the other hand, financial advisory consulting is.

Below are ten reasons which will make you prefer strategic consulting to business advisory consulting

  1. Strategy consulting gives you the chance to work for a multi-national corporation’s CEO.

Strategy consulting deals directly with the company’s CEO, and you collaborate with the firm’s toughe and widest issues. As financial advisor consultant, you are most likely to work for the company’s CFO.

  1. Strategy consulting exposes you to various ranges of business problems in different industries.

Strategy consulting is marketable across some companies. In contrast, financial advisory consultants tend to focus on one industry.

  1. Strategy consulting underscores intellectual curiosity over expertise.

As a good student, your deep interest will be exploited, and your hunger for new challenges will be met as you will always be involved in new things. As a financial advisor, your goal is to be as much more of an expatriate as you specialize in one area.

  1. Strategy consulting companies offer training that is modeled after top global business schools

In financial advisory consultant training, you are learning to become a CFO. While as n strategy consulting, you are in a CEO training

  1. Strategy consulting offers unparalleled exit opportunities.

In strategy consulting, exposes you to multiple different firms and inside each industry. This prepares you for a broader range of work in strategic operations. While financial strategy consulting exposes you to one firm and once you are in that firm your career can stall

  1. Strategy Consulting makes you work in a team with the brightest minds around which can boost your personal network.
  2. Strategy consulting is considered a fast development course to get to high levels or to create your own business.
  3. Strategy Consulting trains you to handle much pressure and structures your thoughts rationally against time.
  4. It prepares you to deal with various facts and uncertainty which is fashionable in high profile organizations such as Microsoft
  5. It exposures you rapidly to a large variety of choices, across many businesses

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The Role of Corporate Advisory in Shaping Business World in 2016

corporate advisory

Corporate Advisory in business is the process of offering business advices to organizations such as companies, and other businesses on functions like Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Financial management, mergers and acquisitions and business restructuring to help the business achieve its objectives more efficiently and in the most effective way.

Strategic Financial Management involves planning for the long term financial business prospects which may include how to achieve long term plans in the business objectively such as production plans, personnel plans and the marketing and sales plans.

Corporate Advisory is playing the following roles in shaping the business world for 2016;

  1. It is enabling the business shareholders to have an independent way of discussing and solving significant issues in businesses- this is possible because through the established advisory corporate boards, the business owners are able to question and be answered on how they can eliminate the problems hindering the business from achieving its goals for example elimination of vague and unachievable goals and concentrating only on achievable ones.
  2. It is creating the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility to the business management- it is expounding to the management on why they need to be socially responsible to the societal needs and the importance of creating a positive business image.
  3. It is encouraging exploration of more business ideas through intensive research- Corporate advisory boards are advising business people on various ways through which they can improve the business performance, this is making them develop interests on learning more on how to achieve this more effectively and in an efficient manner which is leading to better ideas through research.
  4. It is providing an easy forum for monitoring the business performance- the business shareholders are now using the established advisory Corporate Boards to monitor the performances of business executives and directors to reduce conflicting interests among the shareholders and the business directors.
  5. It is making directors more responsible and avoid misusing business resources in an unprofitable projects as they are now aware they are being monitored. This is because the shareholders now rely on the corporate advisory groups who act as watchdogs on the directors’ undertakings in the business.
  6. It is providing an easy way of analyzing and implementing strategic management- this is because the organizations are only concentrating on the viable long term financial goals which are within the business objectives and are avoiding working on the less important goals.

In conclusion, based on the above points, businesses will have to rely hugely on Corporate Advisory if they have to succeed in 2016 and the years to come.