Housing Predictions for the Year 2016

pascoeHousingPricesThe housing market in definition is referring to the supply and demand for houses in a particular place. It is important, especially in shaping the economic sociability of the people within the area. It has a role in the process of metropolitan development. On marketing housing there are certain things that are highly important such as marketing predictions. These predictions would let the global stock market to know the future of the market for years succeeding.

Stated below are some of the Housing Market Predictions for the year 2016:

• U.S. city home prices will slowly rise than about the year 2015. Under some circumstances, it is predicted that in the year 2016, home buyers tend to increase, and thus higher demand follows. Upon meeting the demand, market prices, then rapidly rise.

• CoreLogic predicts an increasing flow of money into the global stock market, at 4.7 percent of prices rise that could give 800,000 homeowners to regain positive equity by July 2016.

• According to SQM Louis Christopher that National residential housing of Melbourne, real estate prices will slow down by the year 2016 which is the result of slowing Sydney housing market, but however it is not believed that the said housing market could be the fall of prices of the said year.

• Freddie Mac one of the mortgage loan buyer, the average rate for 30 year fixed mortgage lowers down from 4% to 3.85%. It is said that from the average rate for 30 year fixed home loan could increase by 5.1% by the end of the year2016.

• Student loan debt will keep many Millenials out of the market. Based on the recent analysis of Federal Reserve this year, student loan could possibly prevent the entering of home buyers within the market. The increasing release of student loans could possibly decline the mortgage.

Remember that the high correlation between quality of housing stock, prevailing housing prices and the occupant’s income would often be resulted to declining prices in the areas of the housing market. The housing prices, quality are interdependent to each other and expectations regarding future market prices make an investor to risks upon renovating and adding of stocks, thus it makes lower qualities of houses. As an entrepreneur wherein the housing market, it is much important to know the predictions of some professional for the succeeding year in order to know what things should be considered next year. It helps to maintain the financial stability of the business. More over knowing the housing market predictions would let you know the effective things to do on the preceding year.

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