Is 2016 Viable for Stock Market Investment?

Just with a quick look at the stock market in 2016 and one is bound to flinch. As much as investors would not want to hear this fact, it is a reality that stock exchanges across the world are facing one of the worst starts in many years.

The DOW, an index of 30 largest companies in America has in the last month reports the ugliest kick over in its history. A quick shift to China’s stock exchange market and it is visible that the country’s slowing economy is taking a toll on the stock market. However, all is not lost.

There are reasons for investors to smile, more especially, US investors. For starters, after many years of low growth, the US economy is not only in good shape but is also showing positive signs of growth, more especially in the real estate market. This is affirmed by the recent hike in Fed rates with further hikes anticipated in the near future.

As a matter of fact, in May 2015, the US economy surpassed expectations to hit an all-time high. Notwithstanding the recent oil prices crisis, the market has only slipped 10% below the all-time record level. The fact that the market is nowhere near the “bear market” (20% drop) is evidence that the stock market remains a lucrative investment option.

Other than the improving economy, history has proven that long-term investment in the stock pays off. As a matter of fact, tracing back stock exchange after World War II, evidence from S&P Capital IQ analyst shows that investors that retained their stocks for not less than 15 years, reaped immense profits. As much as things may look gloomy, they are not bound to remain the same forever.

Perhaps, the next question would be whether or not the stock market investments will hold in the face of increased animosity globally ranging from the Baltic Sea to the South China Sea. The truth is that such uncertainties are not good for any stock market, stock exchange or real estate investor. Indeed, the current levels of volatility will not do the world stock markets any good if they persist.

It can however not be ignored that recent trends have seen investors go against expectations and going ahead to invest irrespective of the ongoing events.

In stock market is often a good way to grow earnings in the long run. While investing does not necessarily translate into yearly profits, the up years no down surpass the down years.


Housing Predictions for the Year 2016

pascoeHousingPricesThe housing market in definition is referring to the supply and demand for houses in a particular place. It is important, especially in shaping the economic sociability of the people within the area. It has a role in the process of metropolitan development. On marketing housing there are certain things that are highly important such as marketing predictions. These predictions would let the global stock market to know the future of the market for years succeeding.

Stated below are some of the Housing Market Predictions for the year 2016:

• U.S. city home prices will slowly rise than about the year 2015. Under some circumstances, it is predicted that in the year 2016, home buyers tend to increase, and thus higher demand follows. Upon meeting the demand, market prices, then rapidly rise.

• CoreLogic predicts an increasing flow of money into the global stock market, at 4.7 percent of prices rise that could give 800,000 homeowners to regain positive equity by July 2016.

• According to SQM Louis Christopher that National residential housing of Melbourne, real estate prices will slow down by the year 2016 which is the result of slowing Sydney housing market, but however it is not believed that the said housing market could be the fall of prices of the said year.

• Freddie Mac one of the mortgage loan buyer, the average rate for 30 year fixed mortgage lowers down from 4% to 3.85%. It is said that from the average rate for 30 year fixed home loan could increase by 5.1% by the end of the year2016.

• Student loan debt will keep many Millenials out of the market. Based on the recent analysis of Federal Reserve this year, student loan could possibly prevent the entering of home buyers within the market. The increasing release of student loans could possibly decline the mortgage.

Remember that the high correlation between quality of housing stock, prevailing housing prices and the occupant’s income would often be resulted to declining prices in the areas of the housing market. The housing prices, quality are interdependent to each other and expectations regarding future market prices make an investor to risks upon renovating and adding of stocks, thus it makes lower qualities of houses. As an entrepreneur wherein the housing market, it is much important to know the predictions of some professional for the succeeding year in order to know what things should be considered next year. It helps to maintain the financial stability of the business. More over knowing the housing market predictions would let you know the effective things to do on the preceding year.

Commercial Real Estate Investing – How to Approach the Market

Once you’re contemplating buying as well as selling professional real-estate, there are literally  a lot of various things you must be aware of to ensure that you don’t-get burnt inside an agreement. Find out more by reading this article which contains some suggestions in dealing with real estate properties.

Real estate investing cairns

For new investors and also experienced shareholders, it’s better to have an investment companion. This will help you counteract the cost of purchasing a property by utilizing cash or credit. Ultimately, the proceeds of your sales can help pay back the credits.

If one secures an underdeveloped area they’re able to sometime produce a huge amount of cash especially when another purchaser plans to acquire it for real estate development purposes.

It would be tempting to try to buy different types of real estate homes and properties if you are new on the real estate market. While it may appear to be highly recommended, this is not often the best strategy as you would do greater by perfecting one particular aspect of the real estate market rather than having numerous kinds which is only on the average.

Should license real estate personnel undertake as your broker, they should work according to your best interest exclusively for you alone.  Another type of real brokers is those that work for two different entities on a same property sale, they are called Dual or Twin Agencies.  Both parties should unveil and conclude about this.

Your offers should be fair and pithy. If you feel that a certain residential house is worth several hundred grand be firm and offer it! In case you buyer is going below your expected value, make sure you’re paid and settled a fair amount.

If buying real estate, commit, don’t simply acquire houses. Safeguard yourself from accumulation of properties as this would point you to a breakdown – invest wisely. You never want to stay below or equalize whilst it serves no advantage to you.

Make sure you have your own agent when renting a new property to serve for a new business because you’ll never want to struggle on a lot of technical stuff that would be disclose to you in the process.

Failure isn’t an option whilst it’s difficult to rule out, it should not crop up and cost your entire finances. The good thing is, you are learning the market and much eager to implement the ideas in this article. It wouldn’t be difficult for you now to win all your transaction in the future.

Real Estate investing in Cairns

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The Online Marketing Strategies of Lauchlan Leishman in Real Estate Properties

Believing The Online Marketing Strategies of Lauchlan Leishman in Real Estate Properties from Brandon Smith on Vimeo.

Whether you’re looking for your first home as a couple or a new home for your growing family there are a lot of things for you to consider.

After all, investing in a property is a smart issue of ability and financial capability.

Here at the Berkeley Capital Group Limited, headed by Lauchlan Leishman, we understand that buying or even renting one is a big step for anyone.

We know that you want to make sure that the property that you’re getting worth your time and money.

We’re here to make things easier for you.

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The Challenges And Rewards Of Commercial Property Investment In China

If you read international real estate news, you’ll find plenty of articles on Chinese investors spending billions of dollars on overseas properties. This appears to be in line with the global fortification campaign that the Asian powerhouse has been resolutely carrying out. As the Chinese invest in Australian, European, and American real estate, the astute financial mind is bound to see the wisdom in turning the tables.

For a long time, foreigners investing in commercial properties in China had to face impossible challenges brought about by an industry rigidly controlled by the government. The situation today is vastly different. There is actually an over-supply of offices as well as commercial and industrial premises that are open for investment. The Beijing Olympics and the upcoming Shanghai World Expo can be thanked in part for this. Because of the country’s presently more open international relations, commercial property investment in China has become a more feasible and desirable undertaking.

Purchasing property in China definitely has many obvious advantages. Considering the nation’s commitment to trade and commerce, property value is only expected to appreciate. That’s not to say, however, that the challenges have been completely dispelled. The investment process for foreigners is still quite complicated. There are still restrictions imposed by the government, but familiarity with these will allow foreign investors to conduct property purchase and transfers in the correct and approved manner.

It’s important to consult with a China real estate expert such as Lauchlan Leishman to understand what is allowed by the government and what isn’t. For instance, many who are under the misconception that property investment is not allowed to foreigners may feel compelled to course the purchase through a friend or a business partner. This has the unfortunate potential for dispute, a scenario that is best avoided.

The following information doesn’t exempt you from the need to be guided by a real estate professional, but it will give you an idea what you’re up against:

  • All land is owned by the Chinese government. When developers buy land, they’re actually only given the right to usage for a certain number of years.
  • Foreign investors must have a company branch or representative office in China in order to purchase commercial property, which should be in the same city as the branch or RO.
  • Foreign companies are only allowed to invest in commercial properties.

Property investment in China may be a complicated affair, but it could definitely turn out to be profitable. Simply make sure that you consult with a qualified property professional for guidance and assistance.

Australian Market Predictions For Property Investment In 2015

Australian Market PredictionsIf you’re interested in property investment or you’re already engaged in it, it pays to be in tune with the trends and developments in the industry so you can make better, more informed decisions.

But how do you get hold of predictions for property investment in 2015, and how would you know if these are good and trustworthy enough to be used as a reference for any of your decisions? When you’re doing your research online, make sure that you go only to trusted sites and authors with an already established authority.

Still, a lot of the reports and updates can be a challenge to understand even for people who already are in the property investment scene. Industry jargon and complicated concepts are inevitable when talk is about properties and investments; that’s why it still makes sense to get help from a trusted consultant who can provide you a clear understanding of the valuable information you need to know about, and help you place this information in the context of your situation as an investor.

Here, trusted property investment specialist Lauchlan Leishman shares the top predictions on the Australian property market for the next year:

Uneven development. Some capitals in the country will enjoy an improvement in their housing sectors, but some cities will miss out on the progress. ranked Barangaroo in Sydney as no. 3 in the top 10 markets to watch in 2015. Other reports say Melbourne may see a house price growth. There are mixed predictions for Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra. As always, it’s better to get the real score from a seasoned property specialist as the prediction for your particular investment will still rely on a number of factors such as the price pattern in neighbourhood, the type, size and age of the property, among others.

The huge impact of the global economy. With the increasingly globalised economy, what happens in the international scene will now have a bigger and more direct influence on the local situation. While investors have no reason to fear another global financial crisis, forecasters are concerned about the sluggish growth in the global real estate industry which may (and can) affect growth in the Australian property market as well. Other current concerns, namely insecurity in the job market, rising unemployment rates and gradual inflation, can bring interest rates even lower.

More foreign investment. There is a rising demand for residential properties in Australian capitals among foreign investors. This was already seen last year and this year, and is actually determined as one of the reasons not only for the growth rate in jobs and development, but also for the property price inflation. Investors from China, Singapore and Canada are considered the biggest foreign groups that are showing a real interest in the Australian property investment today.

More about Property Investment you can find by visiting property investment events or seminars in Australia.

The 10 Steps Involved In The Property Sales Process

The 10 Steps Involved In The Property Sales Process

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they will probably make. As such, it is no wonder that the whole property sales process can be confusing and overwhelming for most people. But whether you are buying or selling a property by yourself or enlisting the aid of real estate agents, it is worthwhile to know how the whole sales process proceeds, allowing you to make sound investment decisions and avoid potential pitfalls that can cost you in the short and long term.

Typically, the sales process can be broken down into 10 steps. Here’s a brief glimpse of these as provided by Lauchlan Leishman, your trusted property investor.

Property valuation

Before hiring an agent or putting out an advertisement, the property owner should first determine the value of his home. Knowing the fair market value of the property allows the owner to sell the home faster and at the best possible price.

Enlisting the aid of a real estate agent

As mentioned earlier, selling and buying a home can be a complex endeavour. As such, it is a fairly common practice for sellers to enlist the aid of real estate agents who can help facilitate the sale of the home. With their experience, expertise and even contacts, agents can take a substantial amount of the burden off their clients’ shoulders.

Getting legal advice

While most real estate agents have a fair amount of knowledge related to property laws, nothing can replace the expert advice of a solicitor specialising in property laws. In some circumstances, legal advice is essential.

Making the property ready for viewing

Sometimes, the minor things that homeowners overlook can break a deal. Before putting out an advertisement for the sale of the property, owners prepare the house first by making minor or major repairs, removing clutter and ensuring the cleanliness of the property, both inside and outside.


Whether you are selling your home by yourself or you are getting help from an agent, the next crucial step in the process is marketing your property. This includes putting out adverts on newspapers and publications specialising in real estate and on property portals on the Internet.

House viewings

Once you have put out the advertisements and your home garners attention from potential buyers, many of these people would want to see your home up close in order to ascertain whether it is a good buy or not.

Buyer’s offer

Should the viewing yield a positive result, the next step would be for the buyer to express interest by making an offer. Here, it is not unusual for both parties to volley offers and counter offers until they agree upon mutually satisfactory terms.

Acceptance of offer

Once both parties have come to an agreement, the seller will have to push the sales process further by preparing the necessary documents as well as confirming the agreed selling price. Here, a solicitor can provide invaluable advice especially in drafting pertinent documents.

Signing of contracts

Contracts are signed typically after the seller has provided the buyer with copies of the important documents and the buyer has a mortgage offer. At this stage, it is a normal practice for the buyer to make a 10 percent deposit.

End of sale

The whole process typically ends when the seller has paid the remainder of the agreed upon price for the property.

Key Property Investment Tools You Would Not Want To Miss

Don’t you wish you had bigger pockets — or at least, a bigger bank account? It is not a bad thing to want financial success, and to try and work at it every waking moment. Unfortunately, that approach to accumulating wealth can be a bit tiring. And before you know it, you could be burned out even before you ever see your first million dollars.


When it comes to gunning for a seven-figure income, perhaps no other investment creates bigger, better opportunities than property investment. Much like other forms of financial ventures, you will want sufficient resources to help you get the most out of your investments — without tiring yourself out. So here are some key property investment tools that could help you make well-informed decisions that lead to successful investments.


Property reports.

Know which properties are quicker to sell and which locations get the most sales at the best prices — all by getting property reports. Property reports give you factual details about suburb sales and sale histories, about house prices on specific locations, about suburb profiles, and a list of other data-driven reports.


Online tools that estimate the financial viability of a property.

When you are considering a property as an investment, you would want to know first if it is going to actually make money for you. Is the two-storey, two-bedroom suburb home going to fetch you a suitable profit? Will a studio apartment in the CBD give you enough cash flow as a rental property?


To determine the answers, as accurately as possible, you will want to rely on a property analyser. You can use online tools to calculate residential rental income. You can estimate your tax benefits. You can calculate capital growth after tax cash flow. You can analyse commercial and residential properties. Basically, you will be taking the guesswork out of your investments by using a reliable property analyser.


Guides to investment strategies.

Finally, find out what it takes to turn your one-time property investment into a goldmine by seeking expert help. You can download guides to investment strategies or you could look up online sources that offer sound recommendations as well as broad information about investing in property.


Lauchlan Leishman is one name synonymous with property investment. The group managing director at Berkeley Capital Group has been in the industry for over 10 years (and counting). So yes, he knows a thing or two about the property market. Look up Leishman’s blog and discover more property investment tools today.


New rules will affect investments in future

The new provision on ‘Cross Collateralization’ is reducing the opportunity for property investors to transfer a listed security from a lender to a third party. Bond, share, debenture are other types of assets can only be prescribed by regulation.

From now on, the real estate property will be considered as an in-house asset. Independent value analyzer should determine the value of these types of assets.


The new rule compels clients and property investors to acquire listed securities from SMSF trustees at market value. It reduces property investor’s chance of getting a good deal out of market coverage but increases the transparency of business. Off market, transactions often bring about problems in price amounts and transaction dates. But, this new rule will be reducing that problem for good.

SMSF Regulation

According to the new law, SMSF can acquire information on listed securities from a third party investor. However, it is not clear whether the regulations will follow off market rules to get the job done or not. If the rule does dictates to proceed through off market regulations, it is highly unlikely that the information would be totally trusted by investors.

However, this rule indicates that SMSF trustees have to get a market evaluation of the real estate property from an independent valuer who is qualified enough to make right measurements. This process would make the whole program expensive enough for third party clients. For more information, please visit –

Importance of Taking Hidden Costs Into Account While Investing on Property

Cost of a house can significantly escalate, if one doesn’t take note of hidden charges at the time of drafting budget. Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital Group believes that utmost importance must be given to hidden costs while planning to buy a house.

Hidden charges to be considered at the time of buying a house

Loan application Fee

You must consider the processing fee while making budget. Lenders normally charge few hundred dollars for legal contracts and credit checks.

Legal fees

A buyer has to pay transfer fee while buying a house from previous owner. The buyer also needs to seek the service of a legal professional for sealing a deal. This charge varies between $1,000 and $4,000.

Valuation fees

A property needs to be evaluated by the lender. Lenders pass on this fee to the borrower in form of application charge. Be ready to pay between $150 and $300 towards evaluation process.

Stamp duty

Lauchlan Leishman advises that one must put aside a significant amount of money for paying towards stamp duty charges. The amount of stamp duty also depends on the value of property and state you are residing in. There is some discount for first time home buyers.

Inspection fees

Inspection of property is one of the most important tasks that should be performed before buying a house. You may have to pay anywhere between $200 and $1000 for inspection as per the size of property you are buying.


Council rates

These kinds of fee are imposed on homeowners for various facilities like local library membership and garbage collection. It varies as per state and locality.

Apart from the above mentioned charges, Lauchlan Leishman advises that one must also be familiar with charges like mortgage insurance, body Corporate fees, moving costs, utilities, furnishings, repair of furniture etc.