Australian Market Predictions For Property Investment In 2015

Australian Market PredictionsIf you’re interested in property investment or you’re already engaged in it, it pays to be in tune with the trends and developments in the industry so you can make better, more informed decisions.

But how do you get hold of predictions for property investment in 2015, and how would you know if these are good and trustworthy enough to be used as a reference for any of your decisions? When you’re doing your research online, make sure that you go only to trusted sites and authors with an already established authority.

Still, a lot of the reports and updates can be a challenge to understand even for people who already are in the property investment scene. Industry jargon and complicated concepts are inevitable when talk is about properties and investments; that’s why it still makes sense to get help from a trusted consultant who can provide you a clear understanding of the valuable information you need to know about, and help you place this information in the context of your situation as an investor.

Here, trusted property investment specialist Lauchlan Leishman shares the top predictions on the Australian property market for the next year:

Uneven development. Some capitals in the country will enjoy an improvement in their housing sectors, but some cities will miss out on the progress. ranked Barangaroo in Sydney as no. 3 in the top 10 markets to watch in 2015. Other reports say Melbourne may see a house price growth. There are mixed predictions for Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra. As always, it’s better to get the real score from a seasoned property specialist as the prediction for your particular investment will still rely on a number of factors such as the price pattern in neighbourhood, the type, size and age of the property, among others.

The huge impact of the global economy. With the increasingly globalised economy, what happens in the international scene will now have a bigger and more direct influence on the local situation. While investors have no reason to fear another global financial crisis, forecasters are concerned about the sluggish growth in the global real estate industry which may (and can) affect growth in the Australian property market as well. Other current concerns, namely insecurity in the job market, rising unemployment rates and gradual inflation, can bring interest rates even lower.

More foreign investment. There is a rising demand for residential properties in Australian capitals among foreign investors. This was already seen last year and this year, and is actually determined as one of the reasons not only for the growth rate in jobs and development, but also for the property price inflation. Investors from China, Singapore and Canada are considered the biggest foreign groups that are showing a real interest in the Australian property investment today.

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