New rules will affect investments in future

The new provision on ‘Cross Collateralization’ is reducing the opportunity for property investors to transfer a listed security from a lender to a third party. Bond, share, debenture are other types of assets can only be prescribed by regulation.

From now on, the real estate property will be considered as an in-house asset. Independent value analyzer should determine the value of these types of assets.


The new rule compels clients and property investors to acquire listed securities from SMSF trustees at market value. It reduces property investor’s chance of getting a good deal out of market coverage but increases the transparency of business. Off market, transactions often bring about problems in price amounts and transaction dates. But, this new rule will be reducing that problem for good.

SMSF Regulation

According to the new law, SMSF can acquire information on listed securities from a third party investor. However, it is not clear whether the regulations will follow off market rules to get the job done or not. If the rule does dictates to proceed through off market regulations, it is highly unlikely that the information would be totally trusted by investors.

However, this rule indicates that SMSF trustees have to get a market evaluation of the real estate property from an independent valuer who is qualified enough to make right measurements. This process would make the whole program expensive enough for third party clients. For more information, please visit –

Importance of Taking Hidden Costs Into Account While Investing on Property

Cost of a house can significantly escalate, if one doesn’t take note of hidden charges at the time of drafting budget. Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital Group believes that utmost importance must be given to hidden costs while planning to buy a house.

Hidden charges to be considered at the time of buying a house

Loan application Fee

You must consider the processing fee while making budget. Lenders normally charge few hundred dollars for legal contracts and credit checks.

Legal fees

A buyer has to pay transfer fee while buying a house from previous owner. The buyer also needs to seek the service of a legal professional for sealing a deal. This charge varies between $1,000 and $4,000.

Valuation fees

A property needs to be evaluated by the lender. Lenders pass on this fee to the borrower in form of application charge. Be ready to pay between $150 and $300 towards evaluation process.

Stamp duty

Lauchlan Leishman advises that one must put aside a significant amount of money for paying towards stamp duty charges. The amount of stamp duty also depends on the value of property and state you are residing in. There is some discount for first time home buyers.

Inspection fees

Inspection of property is one of the most important tasks that should be performed before buying a house. You may have to pay anywhere between $200 and $1000 for inspection as per the size of property you are buying.


Council rates

These kinds of fee are imposed on homeowners for various facilities like local library membership and garbage collection. It varies as per state and locality.

Apart from the above mentioned charges, Lauchlan Leishman advises that one must also be familiar with charges like mortgage insurance, body Corporate fees, moving costs, utilities, furnishings, repair of furniture etc.

Get The Best Return on Your Property Investment

Investing in properties has become extremely profitable. It is not restricted to buying property at lower price and selling it at a high price after some years, when its value increases. You can now buy a property and use it for earning rental income. As per Lauchlan Leishman, head of Berkeley Capital Group, those investment properties that bring good rental income for the landlords are considered as the best investment properties.

Rate of vacancy is tight. However, few of us can realize the actual situation. Let us check a figure of Australia to realize how tight the rate of vacancy is. As per a survey, 475 out of 1600 odd post codes have vacancy rate below 1%. This means 30% of the post codes have less than one percent vacancy rate. There’s more information available from the survey. There are 7 out of 10 post codes that have below two percent vacancy rate. 87% of the post codes have less than 3% vacancy rate. These figures clearly indicate how tight the situation of vacancy rate in Australia is. With excess demand of rental properties, there is increasing trend in the price of rental properties. Therefore, property investors are getting more interested to buy properties for increasing their rental income.     

There is more good news for real estate investors. Rental component of Consumer Price Index (CPI) is rising faster than average inflation rate. This trend is persistent since the year 2008. Australian Bureau of Statistics had come up with a separate rental housing inflation way back in the early 1970s. The recent trend, what is evident from 2008, was not seen earlier. This is, in fact, a good signal for the landlords as well as the property investors because they can earn more from rental income.

Since mid-2008, weekly rent is increasing at a rate of 5.7% per annum throughout Australia, as per CPI rental index of Australian Bureau of Statistics. The yearly increase of rent on a yearly basis in Brisbane is 6% whereas in Melbourne the yearly rent increase is 4.8%.

Increase can also be seen in the gross rental yields across Australia. As per ABS report, gross rental yield of traditional suburban detached housing is 4.5%. The small-lot housing is increasing at a better rate, more than 5%.

Now, let us check some of the places where rental income is increasing at an impressive rate. There is an undersupply of new houses in Queensland. That’s why the rental yields here are also very high, exceeding 6% gross.

Some of the hottest rental spots that property investors should look at include inner-western suburbs of Brisbane, Mackay, Toowoomba, Gladstone, Calliope, Emerald, and Roma. Northern suburbs of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are also witnessing increase in rent, which are higher than the statewide average of six percent per annum. After analyzing all these aspects, Lauchlan Leishman has suggested property investors to invest more and more in Australian properties that can yield higher rental income for them on a regular basis. For More, Visit –

2 Most Lucrative Land Deals of All Times

Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital Group has brought information about the most lucrative land deals in the history of mankind. There are various properties in the world that have stellar valuations. Some of the well known ones are Antilla building of Mumbai with the valuation of $2 billion, Penthouse in London with the valuation of $200 million, and many more. However, the properties mentioned in his article will make these properties look miniscule.

The top 2 deals are mentioned here:

1. Alaska

In the year 1867, Alaska was purchased by the U.S. from Russia. Till date, this is considered to be the largest ever land deal in the history of mankind. Crimean War between Russia and Britain made the former out of gear. This is when Russia thought about selling Alaska to Britain. Russia was forced to sell it to avoid another Crimean War. Russia sold Alaska at $7.2 million to the U.S. If the valuation of sell is calculated on a per acre basis, then the sell price per acre was two cents.

Now, let us check what this chunk of land will value at present date. The total area of Alaska is 375 million acres or 586,412 square miles. If per acre of the land costs $100, the entire tract of land will cost over $37 billion. This should be mentioned here that the real valuation of Alaska is much more than the one mentioned above. It is because source of natural gas and oil are found in this place recently, in August 2012.

2. Louisiana

This is another property acquisition that made news all over the world. In the year 1803, US acquired Louisiana from France. At that time, the acquisition amount was $15 million. As per Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital Group, the total area of land in Louisiana is 800,000 square miles or 512,000,000 acres. At present each acre of land costs anything between $1,000 and $4,000, which takes the total value to $1.2 trillion.

Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital Group brings information about two most lucrative land deals of all times – Alaska and Louisiana.

Building Real Estate Listings: Some Tips

A popular real estate website must have good real estate listings. Listings are effective methods used by real estate agents to inform potential investors about properties. Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital advises real estate agents to create listings in a manner so that it stands out among other listings. Here are some tips for displaying listings on your real estate website:

Have a Separate Page

You can allot a separate page on your website for displaying property listings. You can also display the listings on the landing page as well, but it is advisable to link the listings to the specific page that provides more information about the listings.

Keep it Simple

You must remember that people basically visit real estate websites to search for listings. Therefore, make the listing page most accessible. The listings must be properly displayed on the landing page. The simpler and navigable the website, the better it is for users as well as site owners, believes Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital.

Sorting Tool

Your website must also have the feature of sorting the listings on the basis of location or price. This will help the users in refining properties as per their need. The users will not have to drag down or up the page for searching the property of their choice.

Relevant Information

You must not put irrelevant information on your site. You must only display information that a user is most likely to seek on a real estate website. The information must be totally trustworthy. If clients find the information misleading he or she will not do business with you.

Update the List

You must constantly update the listing on your website. Once a property is sold out, make sure you remove that particular listing from your website instantly.

Lauchlan Leishman of Berkeley Capital also advises real estate agents to make the listings visually appealing.

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Lauchlan Leishman: Finding The Right Property For Your Needs

When buying a piece of property, it’s not enough to simply look over pictures in real estate listings and visit the property once or twice before making the purchase. Because these assets cost a lot of money, it’s important to spend more time and effort in making sure that the house is suited to your needs. It may sound tedious, but exhausting all means to find as much information as possible on any given property will definitely save you from stress and regret over making the wrong purchase.

The first step in finding the right property is to simply look through as many real estate channels as you can possibly get your hands on. These include newspaper listings, online real estate portals, neighbourhood posters and correspondence with trustworthy real estate agencies. If you already have a specific locality in mind, try to find as many available houses in that area and browse through those. If you are planning on buying a piece of property in other countries, such as China, Dubai or Australia, you can also consult with experts from agencies dealing in international real estate listings, such as Lauchlan Leishman of the Berkeley Capitol Group.

Another way to ensure that the property you buy is right for your needs is by taking a moment to consider the type of structure and the facilities that you require. Will you be comfortable living in a condominium? This kind of property costs less than a house. However, a condominium comes with more restrictions: you cannot make major renovations or expand your unit. Condominiums also come with limited space for parking or storage. On the other hand, if you prefer to purchase a detached house, try to figure out the features that you need. Think of the number of rooms or space for parking that your family might require. If a house you like comes with a few special features, such as a pool, also think about whether you can afford to maintain it properly.

A wise property buyer will also try to find information on things that are not normally indicated in property listings or discussed by real estate agents. These include changes to the neighbourhood that may have caused owners to sell their property. One way to learn about changes in the regions surrounding a piece of property is by looking up local news for that area. Maybe there are future projects that, once implemented, will make the property an undesirable place to live in.

Another factor that buyers must pay attention to is the tax imposed on properties in a given area. Don’t just ask sellers about their most recent tax payment; try to gauge whether these rates change frequently by asking about tax bills for several years. This should also be done for utility bills; a house with large glass windows may seem lovely, but it will quickly lose its appeal if you find that your heating or cooling bills are way above what you can afford.

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Lauchlan Leishman: Enhancements That Can Boost Your Home’s Real Estate Value

Selling a home these days is definitely not an easy task. You will have to expend a lot of effort in creating good ad copies for house listings online and in traditional advertisement channels, such as newspapers and posters. In addition, you also have to negotiate with real estate agents (if you decide to work with one) and then prepare your house for the sale. However, preparing your property is not simply about making it look presentable to potential buyers — house enhancements, when done right, can boost the value of your property and help you make a truly profitable sale. Berkeley Capital Group’s Lauchlan Leishman offers the following tips to help home vendors make their house truly attractive and boost its real estate value:

De-clutter your home and remove personal items. One of the most important things to do for a property that is up for sale is to make it appear like a place that potential buyers will want to live in. One way to do this is to de-clutter and de-personalise your home. Removing clutter can help reveal attractive features about the house that have been obscured by stuff; it can also make the house seem much more spacious — a quality that is truly appealing to prospective home buyers. De-personalising homes, on the other hand, gets rid of design elements that can distract buyers from visualising the space as their own.

Repair or replace broken fittings. Having broken things in the house you are selling can take a significant amount off the asking price, so make sure that you check on the condition of fixtures within your property. Besides replacing broken faucets and light bulbs, however, you also need to work on any unfinished projects that you may have started and make sure that you don’t leave behind unsightly holes or cracks on the walls and ceilings. Although many people would be more than willing to purchase fixer uppers, you’ll still get more profits from the sale by ensuring that your house is at least in good working condition.

Clean up and tend the outdoor spaces. The exterior of your property is the first thing that potential buyers will see, and thus, how it looks can play a really big role on the kind of impression you leave on your buyers’ minds. A garden that has wild grass growth, dead or dying trees and bushes that are covering the entire lawn may cause some buyers to think that the house interiors are just as dishevelled. To get potential buyers to step into the property and check your home, make sure that the exterior is just as beautiful and inviting as the interiors of the house.

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Lauchlan Leishman: Effective Strategies For Marketing Real Estate Properties Online

A large number of real estate agents and property sellers are now putting up house listings and sale advertisements online, whether on their own website or through real estate portals. This trend comes as no surprise, especially since there are numerous benefits to online real estate marketing; these include worldwide coverage of the ad, a very quick setup, inexpensive rates, and best of all, higher success at finding buyers for the property. However, online real estate marketing is fast becoming very competitive as more and more vendors and agents are creating advertisements for house sales online. To get ahead of the competition, Lauchlan Leishman, head of the Berkeley Capital Group, an international real estate portal listing properties for sale in countries such as Australia, China and Dubai, offers the following tips to help today’s online vendors:

Provide as much relevant information as you can in your ads. Almost everyone these days turns to the Internet for information, and ads that lack details are more likely to be ignored. Keep people interested in your home listing by providing enough relevant details about the house. Not providing information may give ad viewers the impression that you don’t really care about the sale, or worse, that the property has some problems that you are trying to hide. Boost the credibility of your sale by giving accurate information, and more importantly, be specific — vague descriptions lessen your credibility as a seller and are also very likely to be ignored by potential house buyers.

Include photos. If you can’t write an accurate and specific description of the house you are selling, then just let photos do the talking. Take high-quality pictures of your property and include them in your ad. This step is particularly important, since most Internet users tend to just spend a short time reading advertisements, often preferring to look at pictures of the property instead.

Use social media. One way to get your home listing seen by many people is by advertising it via social networking websites. A simple status update sharing details about the sale can easily reach not just people in your contacts list, but also their friends. These extended network contacts can further propagate your message to their own network of friends, thus helping you reach more people.

Add videos to your listing. People are visual creatures, and one way to take advantage of this preference for visuals is by using videos. This is perhaps the best method to boost your trustworthiness as a seller, since you will be speaking directly to potential buyers through the video. This method is also a good way to showcase unique features in your house that pictures or words cannot effectively describe. Lastly, videos tend to come up high on search engine listings, so using a video can funnel more viewers towards your ad.

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