Lauchlan Leishman: Effective Strategies For Marketing Real Estate Properties Online

A large number of real estate agents and property sellers are now putting up house listings and sale advertisements online, whether on their own website or through real estate portals. This trend comes as no surprise, especially since there are numerous benefits to online real estate marketing; these include worldwide coverage of the ad, a very quick setup, inexpensive rates, and best of all, higher success at finding buyers for the property. However, online real estate marketing is fast becoming very competitive as more and more vendors and agents are creating advertisements for house sales online. To get ahead of the competition, Lauchlan Leishman, head of the Berkeley Capital Group, an international real estate portal listing properties for sale in countries such as Australia, China and Dubai, offers the following tips to help today’s online vendors:

Provide as much relevant information as you can in your ads. Almost everyone these days turns to the Internet for information, and ads that lack details are more likely to be ignored. Keep people interested in your home listing by providing enough relevant details about the house. Not providing information may give ad viewers the impression that you don’t really care about the sale, or worse, that the property has some problems that you are trying to hide. Boost the credibility of your sale by giving accurate information, and more importantly, be specific — vague descriptions lessen your credibility as a seller and are also very likely to be ignored by potential house buyers.

Include photos. If you can’t write an accurate and specific description of the house you are selling, then just let photos do the talking. Take high-quality pictures of your property and include them in your ad. This step is particularly important, since most Internet users tend to just spend a short time reading advertisements, often preferring to look at pictures of the property instead.

Use social media. One way to get your home listing seen by many people is by advertising it via social networking websites. A simple status update sharing details about the sale can easily reach not just people in your contacts list, but also their friends. These extended network contacts can further propagate your message to their own network of friends, thus helping you reach more people.

Add videos to your listing. People are visual creatures, and one way to take advantage of this preference for visuals is by using videos. This is perhaps the best method to boost your trustworthiness as a seller, since you will be speaking directly to potential buyers through the video. This method is also a good way to showcase unique features in your house that pictures or words cannot effectively describe. Lastly, videos tend to come up high on search engine listings, so using a video can funnel more viewers towards your ad.

How to be effective in your house listings and sale advertisements online? Learn more tips as Lauchlan Leishman reveals more HERE.

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