4 Steps How To Choose The Best Property Agent

best real state agentReal estate agents have never been so numerous and easy to find than today. Just go online and do basic enquiry, and you’ll have at your fingertips a long list of the most eligible candidates in your area. It may be confusing or overwhelming to be presented with such a wide array of choices, so it pays to be extremely smart and systematic in your search. Remember, your choice of property agent will have a remarkable influence on the outcome of your investment.

According to trusted property investor Lauchlan Leishman, the demand for real estate agents has increased sharply in the past few years because the property market has become more complex and fickle than ever. It can be difficult for an outsider to keep track of the trends and market condition, so hiring an experienced property agent will provide you much-need clarity. The professional opinion of your real estate agent can also prevent you from making costly mistakes, and he or she can assist you during negotiation, contract signing and closing.

Given how much a real estate can do for you, it’s natural that you would want to work only with the best. Here are four essential steps to take to ensure you get a top-notch professional by your side:

Roundup your hopefuls

To make a shortlist of candidates, ask for referrals from your family, friends, co-workers and trusted contacts. Take a walk around the area and inspect the names and faces of agents on the “for sale” and “sold” signs. Browse online to look up testimonials from current and previous clients or read past articles and references.

Make sure they’re good

Make a thorough check of their licences, qualifications and recognitions, if any. In most areas, there are no industry regulations so your next best scheme is to see if they belong to a recognised association or a reputable organisation. Some investors also take a look at social media that may (or may not) give a glimpse of the agents’ expertise and commitment to their work. Make the initial contact; send an email or call them over the phone.

Meet them in person

Prepare a list of essential questions: How much do they charge and what are the terms? How will they market your property (if you’re selling) or look for leads (if you’re buying)? Ask about their recent sales. Ask them to provide you a valuation. Aside from listening well to their answers, pay attention to what’s not being said as well. Balance the facts with your gut feel.

Review your notes

If you have made a choice, evaluate your decision. If possible, spend more time with them before moving on to the contract. And once you have the contract, don’t sign it yet. Take it, study it, and scrutinise the fine print carefully. Ask your questions and address your doubts before making a commitment. Lastly, it may seem too pessimistic, but it’s only practical to make sure to know about your exit strategy should things fail to go according to plan.

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